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5 Stars

5.0 out of 5 stars

I consider myself to be smack in the middle of my journey into awareness. This came as the perfect book at the right time!! The author humorously details the serendipitous steps he took and lessons he learned when things went right and when they went wrong. 

A fun book that is just as exciting to my soul as books by other spiritual authors such as Michael Newton, Brian Weiss and Nanci Denison. I honestly couldn’t stop reading it and finished it in two days.

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Michael guides us through the ups and downs of his own journey to Awakening. And what an incredible journey at that! From a staunch skeptic, to one day seeing spirits, Michael takes us along with a sly wit and gives common sense advice along the way. The spiritual path is not always an easy one. Michael's story will make you laugh, challenge you to think differently and inspire you on your own journey. 

Highly recommend!!

Michael Sheridan

Michael Sheridan was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1965. He lived in Alaska in his early twenties and returned to Ireland where he studied psychology at Dublin City University, and studied Dream Interpretation under the veteran, George Rhatigan.

His decades of work and exploration in the spiritual field are as a result of a spontaneous awakening he experienced at age 27, and the ripples he's experienced ever since. He's been interviewed countless times on National TV and radio because of his expertise in dreams. He moved to Seattle in 2011 and currently hosts the radio show, "So, You Think You're Awake?" on KKNW.

He lives with his wife, Sandy, two daughters, Heidi and Julie, and grandchildren, Billie, Thomas and Sadie. He works, writes, and prepares for his radio show from home. Life is good!

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